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Tropoja, where the sky becomes one with the earth.

Tropoja has been and remains the tourist pearl of the Albanian Alps where the natural beauties are perfectly intertwined with its many years of history. Tropoja is a place full of charm and beauty, a place that pleases the eye with its pure and calm nature. In Tropoja live a community of people with a pure heart, clear mind, loving and very hospitable. Tropoja is distinguished for its authentic culture and for the heritage that continues to be preserved to nowadays. It is worth mentioning the joint efforts to include Tropoja Folk Dance in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list. Tropoja has been inhabited since the Illyrian period. Archeological excavation in the Illyrian town of Rosuja shed light on the fact that  Tropoja was an important administrative centre since the ancient period. Later on, the town of Shoshan is mentioned as a strategic defensive base during the early conquests. The turret type tower of Mic Sokoli stand as a testimony of the local population desire for freedom and as a hotbed of resistance against the Ottoman Empire. The tower is a rare example of the local architecture style which defined the local culture as well. The district of Tropoja is made of 8 government units headed by the municipality of Bajram Curri, located in the small town of Bajram Curri that carries many historical values, starting from the name it bears, the name of our national hero.

Come to Tropoja, where you will feel at home