How to get to Tropoja

Travelling to Tropoja

The most common ways of travelling to Tropoja are: 

  • Ferry ride through Koman Lake
  • Driving through Kosovo to Tropoja
Below we will outline the most used methods of transportation and their starting points. 

From Tirana

Public transportation is available. Buses depart each day from 5.00 am. You have to wait until the bus gets full and then depart to Tropoja. 


The cost of the ticket is 1000 lek and you pay it to the driver. 


You can hire a private car. A private car to Tropoja costs 30cent per kilometres and you need to travel for 240 km to reach the destination. 


Length of the journey is: 5 hours. 


The itinerary followed is: Tirana – Milot – Kukës – (Morinë Border Crossing) Kosovo (through Prizren and Gjakova) – Bajram Curri.  

From Tirana (through HasAnother way to go to Tropoja is without entering Kosova, you do the same things that we mentioned before, but at Kukes turn left, through the city and then to Has / Krume and then take the road to Bajram Curr city.This second way is longer and the road is more tedious because there are many turns. Along the way there are bars and places where you can rest and eat. The most frequented restaurants along this road are those in Kukes.

Another way of coming to Tropoja as mentioned above is the one by ferry. (Tirana-Lac Vau I Dejes-Koman-Firze-Bajram Curr).This road, in addition to a new adventure, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views that are offered. As for the ferry trip, it offers bar service and travel food options at prices close to the market. Vans depart from Tirana every day and send passengers to the ferry quay in Koman. There the passengers board the ferry, and then continue the journey to Fierza, where other vans wait for these passengers at the departure quay, to transport them to the city Bajram Curri as soon as they get off the ferry.
Another way to go to Tropoja is on foot, if you are a person who enjoys adventures then this is the most beautiful solution that you will enjoy immensely. Depart from Shkodra-Theth-Qafe to Valbona-Valbone-Bajram Curr.